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From the Desk of the Editor in Chief: Submissions

Good morning. Welcome to my desk and all the activity upon it. Today, we’re going to talk about submissions. I’ve had so many people ask what it takes to submit to Solstice Publishing, I think it’s time to explain the process. You just finished your book. Beta readers are telling you it’s the best book they’ve ever read. You go over your work one more time, before deciding to start the submission process. Next, you begin the research, to find the best publisher possible for your ‘baby.’ Having done this many times myself, I know just how much research you’re now involved with. Are you considering seeking publishers that specialize in the genre you write in? Do you feel you should be with a publisher that accepts multiple genres? Do you need an agent to submit your book? Finally, just what should you include in your query/submission? The first three questions you, the author, must answer. I have the information you need for the last question. In order to subm

#NewRelease The Yeller Rose of Texas

The Everett family moves from Galveston’s beaches to East Texas’ piney woods near Galveston. Their lives are chronicled throughout that time, including the importance of their yellow roses. Amazon eBook Amazon Print Book Blurb During the Korean War, a Texas family moves from the beaches of Galveston to the piney woods of East Texas around Tyler. Another family history from the distant past overlaps theirs; and just as roses have images in their colors, from the joy of the yellow rose to the darkness of the black rose, some families have varied colored chronicles —some joyful, some dark. Flowers have a function other than beauty, itself a gathering for arousing and providing emotional hygiene; much more than the natural splendor observed in rainbows. Blossoms, which lodge birds, breastfeed bees, and aid with their roots in keeping the soil from wandering in erosional exodus have such provisions in the resume of the mission of the