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#NewRelease Worlds Beyond the Cloud

An intriguing story of humans interacting with extra-terrestrial beings Blurb Representing Earth's first venture to its nearest star, the 6 member crew of the Star Wing makes a series of startling discoveries. Beginning with an unusual composite creature living in the sky of the star's only planet, Proxima Centauri b, they learn of its simultaneous interconnection to far flung worlds, the benign Bretori and his people the Kworthi among these. Taught by Bretori how to visit other planets through a method of bi-location, explorers Dan and Aashi next discover an extraordinary evolutionary process binding certain creatures with stars to promote their higher functions. They learn as well of certain peoples who use this process. With their growing knowledge, they next discover a planet locked motionless in space. Baffled by this seeming impossibility, by solving a series of puzzles they learn that the planet had once had spin and true orbit. Befriended by Olka