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#NewRelease Disaster Prevention Squad ~ Book 1 Goblin Rebellion

#NewRelease Disaster Prevention Squad Book 1 ~ Goblin Rebellion the tale of how a teenage girl coming to terms with her incredible talent and learning who to trust and who to avoid. Mari tackles unusual creatures to protect humanity… Spotify Playlist Blurb Mari has powers—mysterious and troublesome powers—that she can’t control if she’s upset. Her mom leaves her with a special group. Unable to deal with the abandonment, Mari strives to be the best of these special people protecting the world from incursions from other dimensions. Yet, she also faces challenges that make her wonder if she’s doing a good job. After losing a close friend in Goblin Dimension, Mari takes on everything that comes her way, until she makes a startling discovery. Amazon eBook Amazon print book Excerpt Henderson, a small town in the middle of Kansas, was a nightmare for young Mairelle “Mari” Zandervol. She clung tightly to her mama’s hand as they

#NewRelease ~ Cotton Candy Killer

Raven must solve a a mystery before the truth about her missing husband comes out! Blurb Only Raven knows her missing and estranged husband is, in fact, dead. She knows because she killed him. Another murdered body has landed at her feet, and she must uncover the killer before the police investigation stumbles across her crime. Raven cannot allow her significant disability to interfere but must use it to her advantage before her prey turns the tables. Amazon eBook Amazon print book Excerpt “She said you’re too bossy. Cripples should be sweet, but you’re not. If you ask me--” The slur did not phase Raven, but the power of the other insult staggered her. “Bossy?” Raven fumed not only at Kelsey’s words but at her unwanted presence in her life.   “She said you’re forever ordering her around and never listen to what she has to say. I told her you do it to everyone. You should thank me because she had felt victimized.”