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#NewRelease 'Til Death Do We Part

    Murder… unanticipated love… abduction… with many twists and turns!   Amazon eBook   Amazon Print Book     Blurb   In “Til Death Do We Part”, Judi Getch Brodman knits together a young woman, a murder, an unanticipated love, abduction, and the twists and turns that her readers have come to expect. The flaming red haired tomboy on the swing with the big smile returns years later to a quiet snow covered village in Maine where she hopes for nothing more than a final Christmas in the old family vacation home.   Yet somehow Elle Harrington, now a forensic consultant, becomes obsessed with solving the 1800’s murder of a woman found buried under the old oak tree outside the house when she was a child.   But how does she piece together long forgotten history and hearsay, a forbidden love affair, and the contents of a locket that she found wrapped around the woman’s bones?   And enter another complication – a handsome Boston architect who causes Elle to reassess her life while

#NewRelease The Reckoning at Dry Creek

    A contract to fulfill… A town on edge… Can Carson Calvert stay one step ahead of trouble?   Amazon eBook     Amazon Print Book       Blurb   When he finds himself waiting to hang for murder, Carson Calvert’s only chance for freedom is to exchange the life of an old friend for his own.     Excerpt It was hot, smoldering hot. Heatwaves danced across Carson Calvert’s sight line as he rode north toward the latest of the scattered little towns he’d visited over the last couple of weeks. Sweat dripped from his hairline, down his forehead, and off the tip of his nose. He wiped it away nonchalantly as if he barely noticed it was there and rode on. Heat was of little significance to Carson as he’d spent the better part of 12 years drifting here and there since serving in the Civil War. In order to make it through harsh times such as he’d experienced, sensitivity to weather wasn’t an option.   About Christopher Reynolds   Christopher Reynolds has called rural North Ca