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The End of One Year and Looking Forward to the Next Year

    The End of One Year and Looking Forward to the Next Year   2020 definitely falls into the category of the weirdest year of my life. I have to admit there were so many events as I matured that I often thought nothing would ever stand out as something that would stick in my memory forever. I was wrong. No need to go over all the strangeness that turned our world upside down. We’re all aware of it. Or maybe I should touch on one bit of strangeness. Far too many of my author friends found themselves wondering how anyone would read one of their published books. They have spent many hours on social media speculating on why anyone would want to purchase their books, since what was happening in real life was far and above worse than anything we could put into a book. Okay, let’s admit it authors, we are more than ready to put 2020 behind us and scream “Jumanji” when that ball drops in Times Square. It’s time to get out of this crazy game and once again work on entertaining ou

#NewRelease A Hero's Journey

    A man’s journey from Vietnam to teacher     Amazon eBook   Amazon Print Book       Blurb   A Hero's Journey is the compelling second part of the Albert “Bert” Waller saga.   After waving good-by to his wife, he went to Ft. Knox, Kentucky for U.S. Army basic training.   Bert eventually went to Ft. Sam Houston, Texas to train as a combat medic, where the Army needed him most. The year was 1965. In the infamous battle in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam, he was wounded twice, but saved several soldiers from dying during heavy, mortal combat.   For his heroism, he was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry and the Purple Heart for being wounded in combat.   Upon returning home, he became a science educator in the inner-city public schools. His military training gave him the necessary skills to handle a school shooter and protect his students. This sweeping saga pulls no punches and provides strong, realistic insight into the actual times and experiences of an ordina

#NewRelease Harvey Wallbanger

    Another exciting Stacey Jennifer Longacre story   Blurb   Bartender Stacey Jennifer Longacre is covering a night shift for a coworker who had a hot date. She meets a mysterious guy with an illicit windfall and a $400-millionaire Lotto winner who turn her night upside down. Then it goes sideways in this fun romp.     Excerpt   It ’s a given that whenever anybody comes into a bar and hands you, the bartender, a C-note off the bat, chances are it’s counterfeit. Or they want to buy something off you really bad, like information or just some of your precious time, off-shift, if you get what I mean. A self-styled "Native Floridian by Marriage", Lois Crockett was born in New York City and crossed the Hudson River in her baby carriage to grow up in suburban Northern New Jersey. A Jersey Girl with a tropical twist, she is living happily ever after with her husband, John, a musician and their calico cat Weeble in South Florida. Crockett's varied career